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Your last name does not need to be Gates, Buffett or Zuckerberg for you to be a philanthropist. Philanthropy is simply donating your time, knowledge or money, and there are no minimums to participate in this giving game.   This month at the Salesforce World Tour in Toronto, we pledged 1% of our equity to the Upside Foundation, a platform to help Canadian startups and high-growth companies...

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salesforce crm adoption

The decision to make the hefty investment in a new CRM platform is not made lightly by your business.   Your team spent hours pouring over each option and their individual capabilities and drawbacks. After all of that deliberating, you decided to join the more than 1.5 million raving users and adopt Salesforce CRM. Your business needs to make the most out of its new CRM to...

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sales training with smartphone

Sales Training is a Long-Term Commitment   You can’t spend a week training new employees — filling their heads with an excessive amount of information — and then expect them to be ready to hit the ground running and remember every minute detail you shared with them.   Alternatively, you can’t expect veteran sales reps to be brushing up on the latest methodologies while they’re focusing on doing their job....

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dreamforce 2015 sales tool

Among all of the keynotes, sessions, marketing, and other noise thrown my way during the chaos of Dreamforce, there were great takeaways.   I had the opportunity to connect with many sales executives during the event, and perhaps one of the most interesting discussions was around the adoption of tech tools.   Tech tools are quite a relevant topic given that there were over 400 partner sponsors at the...

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There’s a big problem affecting nearly every sales team we meet.   Sales training, almost universally, doesn't deliver as much as you hoped it would.   Even mediocre training turns off your sales force and causes poor morale -- especially for a modern rep looking for something more.   That’s backed up in the stats, too. Poor preparation is one of the top three reasons sales are lost today.   You can imagine...

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why sales training often fails

Why Sales Training Often Fails Sales training is one of the trickiest parts of a sales leader’s job. You can’t run a successful team without it; and yet, you might not have the time or budget to give your reps the training they need.   Sales leaders report training as their No. 1 challenge, according to research conducted by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). With...

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