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Onboarding is one of the most important company activities, in fact, a recent study by BambooHR found that 31% of employees quit within the first month. A failed employee represents an incredible cost to an organization, including the expenses associated with hiring and the opportunity cost.   This can be magnified for a sales person because a failed employee can mean lost revenue opportunities. Having a well-thought...

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The difference in being a sales leader today and 20 years ago is amazing.   One of the biggest changes, if not the biggest change, has been the ability to use technology to support sales. One of the first major improvements was in the infrastructure to support the B2B sales training and coaching.   1. CRM The movement of the CRM from the desktop, or server, to the...

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Over the next few years, Millennials will become more important for sales organizations. Millennials will be roughly 50% of the USA workforce in 2020 and 75% of the global workforce by 2030.   This generation will cause a huge shift in the way your organize hires, manages, coaches, and plans your workforce. Like any generation, there are things from their education and from their life...

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Successful companies know that they should have sales leaders, not just sales managers.   The importance of the differentiation is growing more and more important. A great sales leader’s primary goal should be to help their salespeople improve through ongoing coaching.   Go back 10 or more years and often the sales manager was a former sales rep that was great at selling. The super sales...

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We were so excited to be invited to participate in the Sales Hacker Toronto (SalesHackerTO) event last month.   After we showed the audience how Lurniture empowers teams to sell smarter with contextual sales enablement videos delivered inside SFDC, there was a great panel discussion featuring sales experts from both small and large organizations in the Toronto Tech scene.   If you missed the event or want a refresher...

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Many sales leaders are looking back on the highlights from Q1 and thinking about how to make their teams better in Q2. One of the most powerful tools to help a sales team grow professionally is to share success stories from sales reps. Sales people often value a success story from a peer more than pre-packaged corporate marketing materials. A great sales success story...

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As we head into the end of the month, and maybe the end of the quarter for many, most of the heavy lifting has been done. New reps have been hired and on-boarded, you are working on the last few opportunities to make your quarter, and you are probably looking ahead to the next quarter. As you examine your team, your processes, support, and what is...

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As we head into the first part of March, many sales leaders’ thoughts turn to the quarter end. Sales teams are working hard to make their quarterly targets. For many organizations, this is the start of their financial year and getting a start on meeting the plan goes a long way. Here are a few tips that can help you make your revenue goals for...

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