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It seems feel like Dreamforce 2015 was only yesterday; that was our company’s first time at a Salesforce event and we had the opportunity to meet and learn from so many sales experts.   Here is a list of major upcoming Salesforce events to look forward to in 2016.   1. Salesforce World Tour - Chicago - March 24, 2016 Get more information on new products and features just announced...

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onboard quickly

It is still shocking how many firms invest lots of effort and resources into the hiring process, only to do a poor job onboarding the new employees. For sales, we have written recently about different ways you can onboard your new team members. One article that inspired this post was an interview with a sales leader at HubSpot. There are many reasons why...

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sales movies

The Academy Awards are approaching and in the spirit of movies, we thought it’d be fun to relive some of our favourite sales scenes from major films. Which of the clips below is your favourite? What other movie clips would you include on this list?   Please note: some of the clips include swearing.   1. Jerry McGuire – “Show Me the Money!”    This classic scene from Jerry McGuire has...

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love your crm

For sales people, there is often a love/hate relationship with their CRM. Many reps would say mostly hate. This hate has slowly decreased over time as a new generation of sales reps has grown up using CRM everyday. CRM platforms have also become more reliable, easier to use, and have added more value to the sales and marketing team. Some reps have even...

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training strategies

Most successful organization put emphasis on sales training for their teams. In fact, organizations with a formal and consistent sales methodology have 16% more reps making quota. One decision organizations need to make is the type of training they should provide their reps. This blog post is a collection of videos that discuss different types of training strategies, learning styles and forms.   1. The...

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salesforce user adoption

A CRM is a must-have tool for any B2B company with a sales team. Salesforce has statistics that show a 25% increased win rate and 28% increase deal size for companies that use a CRM. Getting sales reps to adopt Salesforce or the CRM you're using is critical for meeting revenue objectives.   Here are a 5 ways to increase Salesforce user adoption.   1. Training and Onboarding Make sure...

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editing videos

In a previous blog post, we curated a list of tools for recording screencasts. However, having the screencast recorded doesn’t mean that your work in producing the video is finished.   Before you upload or share your video, you may need to add a logo or animated introduction, include titles, text overlays on the video or mix in additional audio/music.   Here is a list of 5 tools for...

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recording screencast

Screencasts are recordings of computer screens, and increasingly, mobile device screens. Screencasts are an effective way to scale knowledge delivery because you can record once, but deliver the content an unlimited of times.   For potential clients, screencasts can be used to deliver product demos, sales presentations or instructional videos. Internally, screencasts can be used as sales enablement tools to educate reps on company products or for...

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