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CRM adoption is high on sales leaders list of what makes a successful modern sales organization. One of the main reasons is the return on investment from the use of a CRM system, like Salesforce. Research has shown that CRM payback could be as high as $8.71 for each dollar spent. The challenge is that the sales team doesn’t always see the benefits that the...

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Ongoing training is part of the success for great sales organizations. Pardot, a Salesforce company, has said that 20% of underperforming sales teams don’t invest any budget in sales training.   The best sales training is not just done when an employee starts as part of the onboarding program but continues throughout the year. A recent study has found that continuous training provides 50% higher net sales by...

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choosing a sales enablement solution

The popularity of sales enablement solutions are growing like mad; last year saw a 69% increase in spending on sales enablement solutions, according to Sirius Decisions.   There are hundreds of sales enablement solutions on the market, so picking the right one for your company may seem like a big task. This blog will provide 7 suggestions of things that could be important to your B2B sales...

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sales training

One of the biggest challenges internally for organizations is sales and marketing alignment.A recent study found that companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve a 20% annual growth rate compared to companies with poor sales and marketing alignment who have a 4% revenue decline.   One of the best areas to reinforce this alignment is in providing the right internal training on your organization’s solution to...

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choosing sales enablement solution

There was a great blog post recently from Carol Leaman, the CEO from Axonify, on why your learning management system may not be enough.   At Lurniture, we are happy to see others sharing the same view that we have. We feel that sales enablement is the key to the ongoing sales team training success. There are many sales enablement solutions on the market.   Here are 6 tips...

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sales success stories

A sales rep success story is a valuable learning tool to the rest of the team because sales people value the real life experience of a sales peer over the marketing department or the sales manager. Often, sales wins are as a result of a combination of strategies, tools, and messaging from the sales and marketing leaders. Getting sales reps to share their sales success stories...

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