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One of the more important challenges for a sales organization is developing their own talent to take bigger roles within the organization. Many of studies have found that internal hires often outperform external hires. Internal hires often have better job performance, longer time at the company, and usually at a lower cost. The top sales people in your organization often don’t make the best sales leaders. There are many reasons that top performing sales people don’t excel as sales managers. They may make their sales number, but they may not be a great team member. A sales leader’s main goal is to succeed because of the sales team. It becomes important to identify and work with sales reps to become sales leaders.


Video is increasing in importance as a sales training tool. There are many benefits to using e-learning and video for sales training. The most important being that it is an excellent way for your team to become better salespeople. In addition, there can be big financial benefits to using video versus traditional live in-person training. It is reported that IBM was able to save $580 Million over 2 years by moving away from in-person training to video-based e-learning.


Today, successful organizations strive to create a high-performance sales culture. There are many things that could help with the high-performance sales culture that could include being data-driven, using great tools, having SMART goals, having strong sales leaders, and having an engaged sales team. Part of this engagement is not only about being productive, but having members of the sales team helping with the development of the other sales team members. Ongoing sales training is not just provided by the sales manager, but should include tools, marketing, and other sales team members. There are a number of different ways that sales team members can help with ongoing sales training.


CRM adoption is high on sales leaders list of what makes a successful modern sales organization. One of the main reasons is the return on investment from the use of a CRM system, like Salesforce. Research has shown that CRM payback could be as high as $8.71 for each dollar spent. The challenge is that the sales team doesn’t always see the benefits that the...

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The summer can be tough for B2B sales. There are vacations not only from your customers, but from your sales team. In many cases, the sales cycle and slow to a crawl as decisions and meetings are pushed off until September or into the fall. There are things that could have been done to help reduce the summer sales slump. For a sales leader, the...

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The goal for a sales organization should be to create a high-performing sales culture. There are many factors that contribute to a high-performance sales culture but ongoing sales training is one of the main planks. Making the sales team more productive and better at their craft allows the company to grow in the short, medium, and long-term.   The biggest immediate attribute is increased customers and better...

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There is one sales target that is always tracked. Revenue, or in same cases margin, is tracked for almost every sales role. As sales teams split the sales cycle and as sales leaders better understand the importance of other goals and targets, the challenge becomes deciding which targets should be set and measured to support the success of your sales team. Revenue does not tell...

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Video is increasingly becoming more important for sales training. One of the factors influencing this trend is the growth of the number of millennials on the sales team. These millennials are bringing their preferences to the job.   A recent study by emarketer found that 90% of millentarget=“_blank”nials watch online video every month. Another theme that is driving video is the move to provide continuous training for...

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One of the biggest innovations in how sales teams are structured within the last 10 years has been the rise of the Sales Development Rep.   In the past, there was often a one size fits all to the sales team, with the only difference being the size or importance of the accounts the sales reps were covering. There are some significant implications for SDR training and...

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Ongoing training is part of the success for great sales organizations. Pardot, a Salesforce company, has said that 20% of underperforming sales teams don’t invest any budget in sales training.   The best sales training is not just done when an employee starts as part of the onboarding program but continues throughout the year. A recent study has found that continuous training provides 50% higher net sales by...

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