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choosing a sales enablement solution

The popularity of sales enablement solutions are growing like mad; last year saw a 69% increase in spending on sales enablement solutions, according to Sirius Decisions.   There are hundreds of sales enablement solutions on the market, so picking the right one for your company may seem like a big task. This blog will provide 7 suggestions of things that could be important to your B2B sales...

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sales training with smartphone

Sales Training is a Long-Term Commitment   You can’t spend a week training new employees — filling their heads with an excessive amount of information — and then expect them to be ready to hit the ground running and remember every minute detail you shared with them.   Alternatively, you can’t expect veteran sales reps to be brushing up on the latest methodologies while they’re focusing on doing their job....

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choosing sales enablement solution

There was a great blog post recently from Carol Leaman, the CEO from Axonify, on why your learning management system may not be enough.   At Lurniture, we are happy to see others sharing the same view that we have. We feel that sales enablement is the key to the ongoing sales team training success. There are many sales enablement solutions on the market.   Here are 6 tips...

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There’s a big problem affecting nearly every sales team we meet.   Sales training, almost universally, doesn't deliver as much as you hoped it would.   Even mediocre training turns off your sales force and causes poor morale -- especially for a modern rep looking for something more.   That’s backed up in the stats, too. Poor preparation is one of the top three reasons sales are lost today.   You can imagine...

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You’ve heard about sales enablement—the term’s been around for a few years now. But what do you know about it? Are you using best practices? Does any of this matter?   You bet. It matters because the sales and marketing world we all know has changed.   Variations on Sales Enablement: Different Definitions and Points of View When you try to define sales enablement, one thing becomes obvious. Everyone—sales managers,...

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Do You Really Need Sales Enablement? For the past five years, there’s been a lot of talk about sales enablement. Some skeptics wonder if it’s ever been a new idea with relevance to sellers, or whether it’s the same old sales management tasks given a new label.   Our previous posts reviewed some of the ideas, approaches, tasks and business roles that sellers do in the name of...

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When it comes to sales enablement tools and solutions, how much of it is really going to impact your sales organization and bottom line? How much of the industry buzz is just useless hype in sales enablement?   There’s plenty of hype, but plenty of value, too. Our previous post looked at the relevance of sales enablement to today’s selling landscape (the opposite of hype!) We found that...

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Are Your Sales Enablement Efforts Working? Unsuccessful sales programs are easy to spot. Goals are constantly unmet, opportunities are unrecognized or lost to the competition, closing rates are feeble and customers are impatient with product-centered sales. It’s an old story, one that sales enablement practices and tools are meant to improve.   But let’s give this litany of woe a positive spin. Other than the obvious—significantly higher revenues—how can...

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