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The difference in being a sales leader today and 20 years ago is amazing.   One of the biggest changes, if not the biggest change, has been the ability to use technology to support sales. One of the first major improvements was in the infrastructure to support the B2B sales training and coaching.   1. CRM The movement of the CRM from the desktop, or server, to the...

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Successful companies know that they should have sales leaders, not just sales managers.   The importance of the differentiation is growing more and more important. A great sales leader’s primary goal should be to help their salespeople improve through ongoing coaching.   Go back 10 or more years and often the sales manager was a former sales rep that was great at selling. The super sales...

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Many sales leaders are looking back on the highlights from Q1 and thinking about how to make their teams better in Q2. One of the most powerful tools to help a sales team grow professionally is to share success stories from sales reps. Sales people often value a success story from a peer more than pre-packaged corporate marketing materials. A great sales success story...

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training strategies

Most successful organization put emphasis on sales training for their teams. In fact, organizations with a formal and consistent sales methodology have 16% more reps making quota. One decision organizations need to make is the type of training they should provide their reps. This blog post is a collection of videos that discuss different types of training strategies, learning styles and forms.   1. The...

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salesforce user adoption

A CRM is a must-have tool for any B2B company with a sales team. Salesforce has statistics that show a 25% increased win rate and 28% increase deal size for companies that use a CRM. Getting sales reps to adopt Salesforce or the CRM you're using is critical for meeting revenue objectives.   Here are a 5 ways to increase Salesforce user adoption.   1. Training and Onboarding Make sure...

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sales training

One of the biggest challenges internally for organizations is sales and marketing alignment.A recent study found that companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve a 20% annual growth rate compared to companies with poor sales and marketing alignment who have a 4% revenue decline.   One of the best areas to reinforce this alignment is in providing the right internal training on your organization’s solution to...

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dreamforce 2015 sales tool

Among all of the keynotes, sessions, marketing, and other noise thrown my way during the chaos of Dreamforce, there were great takeaways.   I had the opportunity to connect with many sales executives during the event, and perhaps one of the most interesting discussions was around the adoption of tech tools.   Tech tools are quite a relevant topic given that there were over 400 partner sponsors at the...

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