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Video is increasing in importance as a sales training tool. There are many benefits to using e-learning and video for sales training. The most important being that it is an excellent way for your team to become better salespeople. In addition, there can be big financial benefits to using video versus traditional live in-person training. It is reported that IBM was able to save $580 Million over 2 years by moving away from in-person training to video-based e-learning.


Video is increasingly becoming more important for sales training. One of the factors influencing this trend is the growth of the number of millennials on the sales team. These millennials are bringing their preferences to the job.   A recent study by emarketer found that 90% of millentarget=“_blank”nials watch online video every month. Another theme that is driving video is the move to provide continuous training for...

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sales movies

The Academy Awards are approaching and in the spirit of movies, we thought it’d be fun to relive some of our favourite sales scenes from major films. Which of the clips below is your favourite? What other movie clips would you include on this list?   Please note: some of the clips include swearing.   1. Jerry McGuire – “Show Me the Money!”    This classic scene from Jerry McGuire has...

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training strategies

Most successful organization put emphasis on sales training for their teams. In fact, organizations with a formal and consistent sales methodology have 16% more reps making quota. One decision organizations need to make is the type of training they should provide their reps. This blog post is a collection of videos that discuss different types of training strategies, learning styles and forms.   1. The...

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editing videos

In a previous blog post, we curated a list of tools for recording screencasts. However, having the screencast recorded doesn’t mean that your work in producing the video is finished.   Before you upload or share your video, you may need to add a logo or animated introduction, include titles, text overlays on the video or mix in additional audio/music.   Here is a list of 5 tools for...

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outselling competitors

Part of an organization’s sales planning cycle looks at which competitors accounts to focus on and which of your accounts is at risk to being lost to a competitor. In some industries, the only way to grow your client base is to close a competitor’s account.   However, selling to an account that already uses your competitor's products or service can pose unique challenges to sales...

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prospecting tips videos

As we move towards the end of the year, you may realize you need a few more opportunities in the sales funnel. That's a sign it’s time to start prospecting a little more.   Hubspot has recent released their State of Inbound for 2105 study, a report based on surveys to over 4,000 sales and marketing professionals. This year, the report includes sales insights as well as inbound marketing.   According...

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