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sales training

4 Ways to Give Marketing Training to Your Sales Team

One of the biggest challenges internally for organizations is sales and marketing alignment.

A recent study found that companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve a 20% annual growth rate compared to companies with poor sales and marketing alignment who have a 4% revenue decline.
One of the best areas to reinforce this alignment is in providing the right internal training on your organization’s solution to the sales team. Having sales reps be better educated on the benefits, features, comparisons to competitors, sales successes, and other information can lead to more sales wins. There are many ways that marketing training can help the sales team learn about an organization’s solutions.

1. Head Office Product Launch

Get the entire team into the head office for a product launch. Specialists could demo the solution, benefits versus competitors could be highlighted, and tools to help when the reps could be discussed in the field. If there is hardware this could include hands-on training. These head office product launches are powerful and cause an uptick in activities directly after the training.
However, disadvantages of product launch events are that over time, the benefits of the training diminish and the cost to bring in the entire sales team can be high. There are travel expenses and also opportunity cost as the whole sales team is not selling while at head office. If all your sales reps are at one location some of these negatives go away.

2. Road Show

If your organization has a dispersed sales team, a marketing road show is a less disruptive option for the sales team. Visiting the reps and providing training in smaller groups allows them to ask more questions. Organizations could also set-up meetings with local customers or business partners to leverage the in-market resource. This is typically a less expensive method, though it can still be expensive. The other negative is that the marketing team needs time to get to all the reps, meaning the new solution may not get the right amount of attention right away.

3. Video

Video is a very effective way to learn. A study from Forester Research found that 75% of respondents were more likely to check out video lessons than reading the usual documents, emails, and web articles. The marketing team can create videos for the solution launch and these can be shared and stored in a marketing portal.
Videos can be a cost effective way to train many sales reps in different locations. Multiple videos could be made to highlight the different benefits, features, and other sales-related information for products. These videos can be stored in an organizations learning management system or in an internal portal.

4. Sales Enablement

Video is powerful, but the reps may not find the right video at the right time. That is where sales enablement can come in. A sales enablement solution can present the right content to the sales person at the point that they need it. Some sales enablement solutions, like Lurniture, can present information that matches the sale cycle. For example, during the qualification stage, the content presented could include qualifications questions to uncover the customer needs, or things to look out versus a competitor the sales person is competing with.
Good sales enablement solutions have for reporting that shows how reps are interacting with content. These analytics can be useful when correlating sales rep success with selling tools, and can also help with creating new content for future campaigns. Sales enablement is a very powerful method of educating sales people.
Lurniture can help your marketing department with new product and solution rollouts. If you would like to learn more about Lurniture  and how it can help your sales and marketing team please sign-up for a demo.