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Reimagine sales training.

Today’s empowered buyers expect more from the sales process. More relevance, more proof, more speed, more knowledge. What does this mean for your team? More training. But shrinking attention spans, resource requirements and uncertain ROI can quickly cripple your training efforts. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Lurniture for Salesforce accelerates sales with a personalized training experience for every rep. Our modern training technology gives your team the power to learn faster, collaborate more and measure success without ever having to leave Salesforce. Bottom line? We make it easy to love learning—and sell more.

How it Works

Download the native Salesforce app from the AppExchange in minutes.

Fast Mobile Capture in Lurniture Rooms

Get on message faster to deliver compelling value proposition, new product features and objective handling.


Private rooms for video pitching, coaching and best practice sharing.

Leverage crowdsourcing to get P2P coaching and feedback.


Curuate & Deliver in Context of CRM

Save time with JIT in time peer content.


Opportunity based bite-sized videos to reinforce playbook coaching tips by stage and how to use and leverage tools to increase speed to close.

Account-based bite-sized videos for industry language, win stories and customer testimonials to increase win rates.


Analyze & Optimize With Analytics

Track engagement and usage to show who is _____.


Show revenue attribution to the best performing content.

Create an accountable and consistent data-driven approach to sales coaching.