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4 Ways to Help Your Sales Team Cross-Sell Better

For B2B sales, cross-selling can be a popular and profitable strategy. Your organization may have a set of sales reps selling existing solutions to a set of personas. You may then have a new solution that could be from another department or business unit that is also a great fit for that other set of target prospects. You can use marketing to reach those organizations and contacts, but one of your best ways to target these contacts is through your existing sales team. There are lots of blogs on best practices for cross-selling but not many that focus on how to best leverage your existing sales channel.
Here are 4 tips to help your sales team cross-sell better.

1. Pick the Right Customers

Sometimes there is the rush to find ways to increase revenue, through any means necessary. Often the solution that is being cross sold has less value than the primary solution already sold to your target client. If the sales team feel like a solution is being forced upon them to their accounts and it is a not a great fit, you will start to lose the sales team. Identify the specifics for target accounts that make them a great fit for cross-selling solution.

2. Compensation

Finding the right compensation plan for your sales people is one of the big keys to making cross-selling work. The compensation needs to be enough to get the reps’ attention and have them put effort into selling it. If the incentive is too high, you may face a situation where the sales person focuses more on the cross-selling solution than the core solution. This would be detrimental to the business in the long term.

3. Sales Enablement

The right kind of training may make or break for the cross-selling effort. An initial training session is a good start, but it will lose its effectiveness over time. One of the best ways to help sales people over time is to provide the right information at the right time. For example, Lurniture presents videos to sales people based on where opportunities are in the CRM; this is presenting the right information at the right time.

4. Sales Support

Once the sale gets started, the sales person may need some additional help to get the opportunity across the finish line. This could mean having subject matter experts available for demos or for help on things like proposals. The easier you make it for the sales person, the more likely that the effort will be successful.
Lurniture provides a sales enablement solution for B2B sales teams. To find out how Lurniture can help your team cross sell more effectively, get a free a demo today.

Lily Leung